Zoom Fatigue Is A Real Thing: Here’s How to Deal

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Virtual meetings have been crucial for many teams as so many companies shifted to a remote or hybrid model in recent years. But even though meeting via screen has plenty of benefits, there are also downsides to all those video calls, like Zoom fatigue.  

Zoom fatigue is described as a high level of exhaustion caused by virtual meetings on platforms like Zoom, and it occurs because there are a number of differences between these video calls and in-person meetings. These differences, like the fact that we can see ourselves, the way everyone’s faces are shown close up the entire time, and changes in how we display and decipher nonverbal cues, might not seem significant at first, but they add up to create some major problems impacting health and productivity. Fortunately, by making a few of the changes outlined in the graphic below, like turning off self-view or reducing the size of the meeting window on your screen, you can combat Zoom fatigue without missing out on all the benefits of virtual meetings. 

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