9 Ways SMS Marketing Can Improve Your Business

SMS (text) messaging is one of the most common forms of communication today. Nearly everyone has access to a cell phone with essential SMS communication. In most cases, a consumer will see and respond to a text message faster than any form of communication. Business owners must consider SMS campaigns and email campaigns. Here are 9 ways that SMS Marketing can improve your business.

SMS Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement

Smartphone usage is increasing. A cell phone user touches their phone numerous times a day. Every instance of phone engagement is an opportunity to see your SMS. Here are examples of text message campaigns to boost engagement.

  • Exclusive deals. Offer discounts and specials only to people subscribed to your text message marketing list. This makes people feel special. Remain exclusive and unique. Change up the campaign and avoid repeating offers. Avoid using the same offer on another marketing channel.
  • Insider information. Send behind-the-scenes looks or announcements before others receive them. Consider allowing early access to sales for subscribers.
  • Run contests. Contests help people get excited about your brand and encourage subscribers to take direct action. The prize should be enough for subscribers to participate.
  • Surveys and polls. Studies show that asking a question during a marketing campaign is effective. Once the question is asked, it is natural to consider the response. Consider asking questions that make subscribers feel included.

SMS Marketing Is More Reliable Than Email

A reported 98% of messages sent via text are opened within 5 minutes.

  • Helps bypass email spam blocker
  • Higher guaranteed open rate
  • The preferred method by many customers
  • Customers typically respond within 90 seconds.
  • Emails have a response time of 90 minutes and an open rate of 22%.
  • It’s a direct line of communication

Opportunity To Learn More About The Customers

Direct texts allow for one-on-one, engaging, personal conversations. It can be time-consuming, but there is software that can automate a lot of the process.

Connect With Customers

Text reminders are beneficial. Text messages are more relaxed and less intrusive than a phone call. Text messages can be automated to save time and money and send reminders, such as appointments. SMS messages can also notify patrons of immediate deals.

SMS Messaging Is Easy To Advertise

  • Advertise inside your store
  • Promote SMS messaging on receipts
  • Add “Click to Join” widgets on your website
  • Include in existing marketing campaigns, such as print, radio, TV, and other paid marketing methods
  • Invite people to sign up through social media

Attract New Customers

  • SMS is the Most Cost-Effective Marketing Channel.
  • Paid advertising is increasing and yielding fewer results. Social channels and Google pay-per-clicks are oversaturated, leading to higher costs but fewer rewards. Companies report a drastic reduction in marketing costs when they implement text marketing campaigns.

Payment Reminders

  • Collection agencies say that SMS strategies for debt collection yield a high success rate of repayment. Customers report that they prefer to communicate through text.
  • A business can send an SMS business reminder.
  • A nonprofit organization can use SMS marketing to raise donations and awareness.

Connect And Upsell

  • SMS is inexpensive, opened faster, and more often.
  • Restaurants can offer deals related to the day or an event.
  • Residential communities report better engagement with SMS messages. Residential communities can send rent and association fee payment reminders, emergency alerts, neighborhood watch initiatives, block party invitations, and more.

SMS Message Marketing Can Increase Customer Engagement And Be A More Reliable Method Of Communication

  • SMS message marketing is time-effective and cost-efficient. SMS marketing can be personally tailored by sending out specific messages about promotions, sales, and notifications on customers’ birthdays. (Generic sales-oriented SMS messages decrease customer engagement.)
  • Strong customer relationships provide a strong foundation. Strong customer relationships will help a business grow to new heights. Constantly reach out to ensure their customer experience is positive; customers like feeling special.
  • SMS campaigns can be an effective way to build customer relationships. Send personalized messages at just the right moment.

Final Word

SMS marketing is the future. Consider trying SMS marketing on a small scale first and see how it impacts your business. SMS marketing may come off as time-consuming, but the potential rewards are exponential.




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