6 TikTok Marketing Tactics for Your Business

Much of modern-day marketing occurs on social media. TikTok is one of the leading social media platforms for marketing a small business. Use these six tips to market effectively on TikTok.

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1. Get Inspiration from the For You Page

Being able to post videos isn’t the only Tiktok feature that can help your business. By curating what videos you like and dislike according to your industry, you can create a “for you” page that shows videos related to your business field. This can give insight into how competitors are marketing their products and what customers think about the members of your community. 

2. Make Instructional Videos

One way to engage with your community is through instructional videos. Some options include how to care for the product you sell, how to make using your service easier, or how your product can be combined with other products to produce enhanced effects. Viewers will appreciate instructions from the experts, and these types of videos may open up opportunities to collaborate with other members of the industry.

3. The Behind-the-Scenes Scoop!

Clients love to know exactly how the products they ordered are being prepared. Make Tiktoks that show the process of building, creating, or packaging orders from clients. If your business provides a service, such as dog grooming or marketing services, you can show clips of the service being performed. Remember that if you are performing a service on something that belongs to a client, it is good practice to get their permission first. Showing your behind-the-scenes processes makes clients more likely to trust your business, as it demonstrates transparency.

When posting behind-the-scenes content, what you video will determine how wide of an audience you reach. Popular videos on TikTok often involve jokes or things considered “oddly satisfying,” such as organization or rug cleaning. Pay attention to what types of behind-the-scenes content are popular in your field, and create content that fits with what viewers want to see.

4. Follow the Trends

Finding a consistent audience can be difficult on any social media platform. Luckily, Tiktok trends can make establishing an audience easier. Make videos that correspond with trending audio clips so that people looking for that audio may find your business. Be sure also to create original content, though. Posting only popular audio may bring people to your page, but they won’t get an accurate picture of what your business does. Use trends to your advantage, but stay true to the purpose of the company.

5. Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags have an impact on who sees your post. Pick just a few relevant hashtags that will place your post on the For You pages of your audience. Learn what hashtags have worked for others who make similar posts. Keep in mind that your posts may not get popular immediately. Post consistent, high-quality videos and use hashtags to ensure those posts reach your target community. Eventually, your posts will catch on!

6. Don’t Tear Down Others

Even though it may seem counterintuitive, don’t be afraid to recommend your competitors’ products, especially if it’s a product your business does not offer. Companies that only praise their products while criticizing others will come across as untrustworthy. No product can be 100% perfect, so criticizing other products but not your own will make some viewers think you are lying about your product’s quality. Plus, forming allies in the industry is always better than gaining enemies.

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Having a presence on TikTok can be an asset to a small business. If Tiktok is the platform you’ve chosen to advertise, utilize these six strategies to optimize your outreach.

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