8 Simple Ways to Promote Your Book for FREE

What do you think is the most difficult task for self-publishing authors?

If your response is marketing, you’re not alone.

Many authors dread the process of marketing and promoting their books because of time.

But, what if we shared with you ways to promote your book using less time and no money? Would you be interested? We hope so because below are eight simple ways to promote your book for free with no stress and less time. Be sure to comment below on the strategy you plan to try out first.

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1. Speak Up

It’s obvious but often overlooked. If you’re seeking a way to promote your book, it is imperative to speak up by informing others of what you have. Spread the good news by telling your family, friends, and co-workers about the book you’ve completed and encourage them to share that insight with others. 

2. Host a Local Book Tour

Reach out to schools, local libraries, book stores, and other public venues and ask if you can host a reading and signing. Many of them won’t charge you a thing depending on your connection with these locations, but donations may be suggested. 

3. Create a Facebook Page

If you don’t have a Facebook Page, it’s time to create one to promote your book. Upload photos of your books and share with viewers and followers what they will receive by reading your masterpiece. Showcase quote or reviews of people who’ve read your book and post them on your page. This will give viewers a reason to check out your page and interest them in learning more about your book.

4. Join Facebook Groups 

Once you create your Facebook page, connect with like-minded people by joining Facebook blogging and reading groups. 

Now, be aware– once you join a group, people will not immediately flock to you. Just like anything else you want to see prosper, it takes time.  

Our advice–engage with other members of the group. Participate in different discussions that focus on your set genre. Once people begin to see your commitment and trust within the group, they’ll want to know more about you and what you have to offer.

Although most groups prohibit self-advertising, they sometimes allow group members to promote their latest project, whether that be a website, blog, post, or a book on selected days.

5. Have a Book Winning Raffle or Contest

Another great way to promote your book is by having a book-winning contest or raffle. All you have to do is create a flyer about your winning contest or raffle and place it on your social media networks. Encourage viewers, subscribers, and followers to win your book by doing three small things, which may include following all of your social media networks, tagging a friend in the comment section, and writing why they should receive your book for free.

6. Use Your Email List

As an author, your goal is to engage with your audience and give them a reason to want more of what you have to offer. A unique way to do so is by creating a mailing list. By using this list, you can keep your audience informed about your book, what’s to come and give them a behind-to-scenes look at what others are not able to see

To jumpstart this process, you can use Mailchimp to begin a free list.

7. Guest Blog Post

What birthed your book? Was it an idea? A personal story? A set of stories combined as one? Whatever your reason is, know that people are eager to hear about it and learn more about the mastermind behind the pages. A great way to bring attention to you and your work is to write blog posts for other bloggers that focus on your set genre.  

Search for owners who are seeking guest writers on their blog and see if you meet their requirements. Be sure to attach a short bio at the bottom of your post so people can know more about you and your work.

8. Request a Blog or Podcast Interview

Last but not least, research bloggers and podcasters in your genre to see if they are interested in interviewing authors like you. Although this can be very time-consuming, you will be surprised by how many people need you and your services. Not only will you be given a chance to promote your book, but it will also allow you to enhance your networking skills.  

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Final Thoughts

After writing a book, many authors are exhausted and afraid at the thought of having to find ways to market and promote their books. However, if you keep the above tips in mind, you’ll be well on your ways towards getting your name out there and making sales without breaking the bank!

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