Social Media Setup & Management

Traditional marketing is no longer successful for businesses on its own anymore – now you need social media! J.D. Scribes offers social media management services so we can build your business’ presence online.


In need of guidance and help as you learn how to handle your social media, website, or general marketing needs? We are more than happy to walk you through the process, every step of the way!

WordPress Setup

Your website is your business’ online home, so you want to make sure that your home is in good hands! J.D. Scribes manages the entire development process, from setting up hosting, to the purchase of your SSL Certificate!

Freelance Writing/Blogging

Do you know your business needs a blog, but you just don’t have time to work on it? We can help! Allow us to take care of all your blogging needs while your handle other parts of your business that needs your attention!

Beta Reading/Book Critique

A writer’s greatest dream is to see their work in print! However, a writer’s greatest nightmare can be to see that same work distributed to the public, unpolished. J.D. Scribes offers beta reading and book critiquing services to help local writers develop and clean their work before it is sent to publishers or published online.

General Marketing Needs

Need a specific task done, but you just don’t have time to do it? J.D. Scribes can help you with the minor details so you don’t have to worry!