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Enjoy reading both The Lynching Calendar and Strolling With Stories: Tales for Horsepen!


About The Lynching Calendar:

False Accusations.
Toxic Love.
Fear of the Misunderstood.
Innocence Lost.
Internal Torture that Lasts for a Lifetime.

The Lynching Calendar gives readers a sneak peek into one of America’s darkest times. History tends to tell the story from one perspective, but what if we had the chance to hear the story from those involved? The Lynching Calendar allows us a chance to hear the full story and show that, no matter what the circumstance may be, there is more than one side to every story.


About Strolling With Stories: Tales From Horsepen:

“Now, listen – don’t forget your Horsepen history! It’s important! Be sure to keep it alive!”

Take a guided tour through Horsepen with Jessica and Larry as you learn about the rich, slightly true history of a small, southern community. With colorful stories galore, Larry and Jessica go on an adventure that you never thought you needed! Laugh, cry, and be amazed at these tall tales weaved by a father seeking to see his daughter smile and a colorful history lesson sure to help everyone appreciate where their family comes from.

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