Our Services

Social Media Services

Social media can be the first interaction that consumers have with your brand! The key to success online is to learn your audience and develop a strategy that will help instead of hurt. J.D. Scribes has the ability to handle all your social media affairs so you don’t have to!

Website/WordPress Development

Your website is your business’ online home, so you want to make sure that your home is in good hands! J.D. Scribes manages the entire development process, from setting up hosting, to the purchase of your SSL Certificate!

Graphic Design

If your graphics don’t stand out, neither do you! Allow J.D. Scribes to help make eye-catching images and grab the attention of your audience! Event flyers, social media images, other promotion images – we got you!

Content Writing & Copywriting

It is understood that a business blog can be a great asset to a business, but it takes time to create quality content that will convert. J.D. Scribes would be more than happy to handle your blog and other writing needs for you while you take care of other affairs in your business.


Perhaps you want to learn how to handle your businesses’ general online marketing efforts – J.D. Scribes is more than happy to help! We will set up a time to walk you through the process and to educate you and the best practices to implement for your business. We will also help you develop a strategy to help you reach your goals.

Beta Reading/Book Critique

A writer’s greatest dream is to see their work in print! However, a writer’s greatest nightmare can be to see that same work distributed to the public, unpolished. J.D. Scribes offers beta reading and book critiquing services to help local writers develop and clean their work before it is sent to publishers or published online.

General Marketing Needs

J.D. Scribes also helps businesses who want to expand their marketing efforts, but don’t have time. This includes social media image creation, newsletter development & creation, Listing distribution, and more!