5 Killer Applications For Video Conferencing

COVID-19 has made video conferencing more popular than ever. With many going into quarantine, self-isolate, social distance, or work-from-home, video conferencing has presented a communication method where face-to-face interaction is still possible. Students whose parents have opted for them to school from home can engage with their teacher and class using video conferencing. Businesses big and small utilize video conferencing to hold meetings.

Thanks to video conferencing, facial interactions that would not have been possible otherwise were not only able to continue but flourish. Here are five video conferencing services out on the market today.

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GoToMeeting is a mobile-friendly web conferencing service with audio and video conferencing and screen sharing that hosts around 18 million users/month. GoToMeeting has a transcript feature to take notes for you, as well as a drawing tool and virtual whiteboard that you can take advantage of.

Most standard features are accessible with a limit of 150 members per call at the basic payment tier of $14 per month. Their Business plan allows up to 250 members per call for $19 per month. Need more participants? Their Enterprise plan will enable businesses to have up to 3,000 participants.

2. Google Meet

Google Meet is a communication service where you can host virtual training classes, meetings, remote interviews, and voice calls. This tool comes standard with a Google account and is notably mobile-friendly with Gmail and supports the Google Calendar integration. The software can be downloaded with either a plugin or a link.

The Basic and Business plans both allow for meetings of up to 25 participants. The Basic plan is free but upgraded plans with GSuite start at $8 per month.

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an entry-level video marketing tool that supports up to 250 attendees and up to 10k total viewers. Microsoft Teams also has autocropping and head tracking. This tool also has a 24/7 phone and web support.

Are you interested in using Microsoft Teams? This tool does have a free version for up to 25 participants. For more participants, Microsoft 365 Office plans, including Microsoft Teams, start at $5.00 per month.

4. Dialpad

Dialpad, who just acquired Highfive, is a communication tool that connects voice, video, and messaging to your network. This application has voicemail, simultaneous ringing, call monitoring, voice recognition, conversation insights, group messaging, and call recording. Dialpad also has multilayer security to protect data.

With Dialpad’s free plan, you can take advantage of free and unlimited video conferencing with up to 10 participants. For larger groups and longer meeting times, paid plans start at $15 per month.

5. Zoom

Zoom is one of the more well-known video conference tools out there. This tool has HD video quality and clear audio with dual-screen sharing and voice detection. Zoom allows users to record meetings in MP4 or M4A video format on mobile devices and host virtual meetings, teach online courses, and conduct video demonstrations. Zoom is used to hold meetings, send group messages, and make phone calls.

The basic version of Zoom, which offers up to 100 participants and a 40-minute maximum on meetings, is free. Endless group meetings and the ability to live stream are available on the paid plans, which start at $14.99 per month.

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Final Word

Humans are expressive creatures, and we prefer to interact face-to-face. There is just something genuine about seeing someone while having a conversation. Although it is not as authentic as physically conversing with someone, video conferencing has allowed us to keep a base level of visual interaction. Video conferencing is not new, but it will be critical to human communication well into the future.

Whether for personal or business use, we hope that one of these tools with pique your interest and help you improve your small business!

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