J.D. Scribes Launches Course, “Twitter 101”

J.D. Scribes is proud to announce that we have just launched our very first course this month!

In an effort to help businesses and individuals who want a way to learn the ins and outs of online marketing on their own time, J.D. Scribes has created J.D. Academy, a hub where people will have the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace! “We are so excited about this new venture and we hope to help many people get one step closer to their own personal online success,” said Jessica Starks, owner of J.D. Scribes.

The first course released in J.D. Academy is “Twitter 101,” a crash course into the world of Twitter and how to be successful on the platform. “This course is perfect for those who don’t understand Twitter or social media in general, as well as those who don’t have much time to figure out the platform on their own. We made this course short and sweet so that people can get what they need without wasting their time,” Jessica Starks added.

The course consists of five lessons with detailed information on the basics of Twitter, from setting up your profile, to gaining followers, to even learning about hashtags and how to tweet to someone.

We truly believe that this course will be a great benefit to users and we can’t wait to bring more valuable content to the students of J.D. Academy!

If you are interested in signing up for “Twitter 101,” click here! Use the code “JDCOURSE” to get 25% off!

And if you would like to stay updated on new courses from J.D. Academy, follow this link to sign up!

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