Humans Vs AI-Written Content: Which Is Better To Use?

AI has taken the content marketing world by storm lately, so much so that even the most experienced writers and editors are starting to second-guess whether or not their jobs are in jeopardy and whether AI will be the way to go in the future. 

We’ll explore a few key considerations that you should always keep in mind so you can decide on the best way to use both AI and human writers.

Do You Need A Large Amount Of Content Quickly?

While humans can create significant amounts of content, there is always going to be a time when they have to take a break, an emergency comes up, or anything in between. However, AI can create content more consistently and quickly because it doesn’t have to stop for any reason. So, if you find yourself in a bind or have writer’s block, AI content may be a viable option. 

Is The Content Fact-Heavy?

Although AI can create content on various subjects, it can also make mistakes. It’s essential to fact-check your work and ensure the information is handled and shared appropriately with your website visitors to avoid errors in your content or ethical concerns.

Do You Want To Connect Emotionally With Readers?

AI can do many things, but one thing that humans have over the tool is that humans can emotionally connect with other humans. Whether you’re writing about a significant event, discussing an important cause, or anything in between, the key is to relate to the audience and tug at their heartstrings. AI cannot give off those same genuine emotions as humans.

Are You On A Budget?

Some companies consider using AI because it can be a bit more manageable financially if their marketing budget is tight. A quality writer costs money, and sometimes, companies cannot afford it. That’s when AI content can come to the rescue and assist until you can afford a human hire if you choose. 

There is space for both humans and AI to create quality content. However, use both of their strengths to ensure you craft content that perfectly balances informative, engaging, and entertaining. This is critical to improve bounce rate, website visitors, and sales growth. Ask yourself the questions above to help you move in the right direction for your content needs. If you find yourself in need of or prefer the human touch, don’t hesitate to reach out to J.D. Scribes for a free quote!

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