How to Create A Click-to-Tweet Link for Your Blog in 5 Minutes!

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Are you tired of seeing the same number of viewers on your blog?

You’re grateful for them, but you believe your content is much more valuable than the number of eyes currently seeing it..

Are we right?

You know we are! 

And it’s obvious– you want more traffic on your blog, but you’re just not sure how to get it.

Well, rest assured! We have the perfect solution for you.  One excellent way to accomplish this is by creating a Click to Tweet link in your blog posts.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create a Click to Tweet link in your blog content and how it can help give your content a boost.

What is a Click to Tweet Link?

Simply put, a Click to Tweet link is a call-to-action that automatically creates a pre-made tweet for users to share on their profiles. Readers don’t have to worry about adding any extra links or information to the tweet unless they want to. Their only job is to click the link and tweet. Easy as that!

These links give you the opportunity to control and promote your blog content the way you want to, and it’s a  great way to increase blog traffic and brand awareness. 

How to Create a Click to Tweet Link on (Quick Step-by-Step Guide)

  1. First, go to
  1. Login/ Create a Twitter profile.
  1. Go to your account dashboard and create your tweet. 
  2. Click Generate New Link.
  3. You can now paste the link itself or the embed code in any of your blog posts or sharing.

Final Thoughts

Overall, whether you’re looking to share more content or gain more traffic for personal needs or business, Click to Tweet is the tool you should consider adding to your arsenal. 

If you use Click to Tweet or plan to give it a go, comment below on how it has helped your blog! We look forward to reading your responses!

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