How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Brand

Colors always invoke some sort of emotion in people – happiness, anger, sadness, depression – the use of color subconsciously can set the tone for how something is perceived or remembered.

When it comes to your business, you want people to have a certain feeling or response to your business when they walk in, visit your website, or see your logo. Of course, you want your business to be attractive to people, but you also want people to have a specific feeling from your business that isn’t like anyone else’s when they see your brand. This can be achieved through proper use of color. Not sure how to go about it? Here are a few things to think about to help you decide on what color(s) will help you properly execute your brand and the feelings associated with it.

1. Think About Industry Colors

One easy way to start thinking about your brand colors is to think about your industry. Typically, there are color schemes that people tend to associate with specific job fields. For instance, when you think about natural and healthy food services, most brands use greens, tans, and whites. However, professionals who work with young children tend to use brighter colors, like yellows and purples. Doctors who work with families tend to use blues, whites, and grays, but pediatricians tend to mix white with yellows and reds. See how different they are? Think about some fellow industry professionals for inspiration on how you should color your business.

2. Consider How You Want People to Feel

As we discussed earlier, colors stir up emotions in people, whether or not obviously or subconsciously.  Why do you think most libraries use darker colors and pastels? They invoke peace, quiet, and tranquility. Using bright and bold colors everywhere would excite people and nobody would ever be quiet! That’s why those colors are saved for places where children play! If you want people to feel calm and comfortable when they walk into your place of business, you wouldn’t use colors that cause alarm, like black, yellow, and red. You would use softer colors, like pale yellows, whites, and lavender.

3. Consider The Backstory

The other great thing about picking brand colors is the fact that you can be creative with it! One of the best parts of a business is its owner(s) and the story behind the brand. Take advantage of your colors to tell your story! Why did you start the business? Are you the first in your industry to do something like this? Use colors, shapes, images, etc as a means to give background into your story and your journey to starting your business.

4. Think Of Your Favorite Colors

Put yourself into your brand. What are some colors you like? Incorporate them! Using this idea helps people to feel more connected to you and makes your brand just that more personal.

Now that you’ve considered our suggestions, tell us what you chose! Why did you pick those colors? If you already have your brand colors, tell us how you came up with them! What inspired you? If you still find yourself having trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us – J.D. Scribes offers consulting services that take you through the entire creative development process of your business, from start to finish. We offer free, 30-minute consultations! Call us today at (662)586-1156 or email us at

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