Happy 2nd Birthday, J.D. Scribes!

Hear ye, hear ye!

Today marks J.D. Scribes’ 2nd anniversary! Can you believe it? 2 years already!

“It may not be much to most,” said Owner/Founder Jessica Starks, “But to us, this is highly significant. A lot of businesses don’t make it this far, so to be able to say that we are still kicking after 2 years is definitely something to be excited about and proud of.”

We would like to thank everyone who has has a part in helping us get to where we are now – clients, old and new; friends who encouraged us, everyone who liked or shared our posts, blog readers (Yes YOU too!), or just those who have stopped by and checked out the website – we thank you so much! Without you, 2 years would have been impossible! We are SO blessed and thankful!

Here’s to many more years of serving small and local business owners in Northeast Mississippi and beyond! Love you all!

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