5 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Audience

Twitter – the super, fast-paced, 140-character limited social media platform that can be the bane of a business’ existence. But this doesn’t always have to be the case!

I personally find Twitter extremely fun and fascinating, and a great asset for businesses who fully embrace it. Here are 5 tips you can keep in mind to help grow your Twitter presence and attract a genuine, engaged audience throughout the year!

1. Tweet More Than Once a Day

One of the first things that I notice about business’ Twitter profiles is how often they tweet. Most people assume that Twitter is similar to Facebook in the fact that you can post one status and it’ll be visible for a few hours after it’s posted. 


The typical lifespan of a tweet is under 30 minutes, so tweeting multiple times a day is a big deal! The key is to create a strategy and a schedule for your tweets. No, you don’t have to tweet once every hour, but you also don’t want to just tweet once in the morning and once in the afternoon. A sweet spot would be around 4-6 times per day.

2. Engage to be Engaged

Have you ever heard the old saying, “To make friends, you have to be a friend?” Let’s use that same mentality for Twitter! In order to gain followers and have people interact with your brand, you need to put yourself out there and show that you have something to offer and that you are real! Post open-ended questions on your page, create fun and shareable videos, or run polls! And don’t forget to fill in all of the information on your profile – no one wants to feel like they are following or being followed by a fake account! All of these things will help you to attract people and make them more likely to keep coming back!

3. Join Twitter Chats

Another great way to engage others is by participating in twitter chats! Twitter chats are live forums where people come together to discuss relevant topics over the course of an hour – basically, it’s kind of like a virtual party! There are twitter chats on all kinds of topics: women’s rights, books, blogging, education, networking – you name it! Find a chat that is relevant to your businesses or brand and hop right in! You’d be amazed at how many followers and connections you can gain!

4. Live Tweet

Another easy and fun way to engage your audience and build a following is by live tweeting! Live tweeting can be similar to that of a twitter chat, in that you and a group of other users are discussing a common topic. However, in this setting, time isn’t so strictly enforced. GRAMMY’s on? Live tweet about it and share all of your reactions to the winners and performances. Will you be featured in an interview on a new show? Live tweet! Make sure to use the proper hashtag to join in. This will help you to be visible to more people and to show that you are personable and approachable.

5. Use Hashtags

Twitter is the original OG of hashtags, so why wouldn’t we use them?! Hashtags help keep your community together and take your tweet to an audience you may have not been able to reach before! Especially when you are first starting out, those hashtags can be the key to you obtaining and building a steady following! And keep in mind, those hashtags are indexed, so when people search that word, they can find you!

There are a ton of awesome things you can do to take full advantage of Twitter, but here are five awesome tips that are sure to get you off on the right track!

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