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J.D. Scribes is a creative media company that provides affordable content marketing solutions to small and local businesses in and around Northeast Mississippi!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Are You Located?

J.D. Scribes is located in Pontotoc, MS. Our address is P.O. Box 54, Pontotoc, MS 38863

Do You Customize Service Packages?

Yes! If you have a specific need that isn’t covered in one of our packages, we’d be more than happy to customize one just for you!

Are You Expensive?

Here at J.D. Scribes, we understand how hard and expensive it can be to own a business. That is why we pride ourselves in crafting affordable and low-cost services for small business owners.

What Areas Do You Serve?

J.D. Scribes primarily serves Pontotoc and Lee County in Mississippi; however, we do have clients in other Mississippi counties, as well as in states such as Georgia, Texas, and Michigan!

Latest Posts

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